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Why PVC Tile

Why PVC Tile

PVC Tile
Hanwha premuim flooring products is an imported products from Korea which offer the best solution to every flooring dilemma. The products is aimed to mimic the real natural materials for solving wide range of problems of flooring listed below.

Hanwha flooring is an eco-friendly products which guaranteed to has zero emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It also prevents toxic substances to be embedded into the surface of the tile.

Hanwha flooring products has a high durability rate. It has a thicker and stronger UV coating that helps to protect the surface of the tile. With high quality control protocol, we ensure that every tile is efficiently strong, scratchproof, and preserve the brand new feeling of the flooring.


Noise is not a problem for Hanwha fooring. With our technology, our products is a good noise absorption from different floor levels.


Dimensionally Stable
Hanwha Flooring uses a very high stability material. So, contraction and expansion is very minimal for flooring products.


Easy Maintenance
Hanwha Flooring products is wasy to clean compared to other flooring products due to its Anti-polltion effect.